I'll be back tomorrow. I'll be back in the ballroom, swingin'.

I'll be back with a capital H, it stands for hero. And the hero is me.

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This journal's now used for keeping up with my friends and communities.

I may re-open it at some time. But don't count on it.

4/25/91, a = bh/2, a friend of mine, a rain of ashes, acoustic versions, all the pretty ones, amps that actually work, andheartssemicolon, andy hurley, anti conformists, anti trends, argument clinic, away message convos, back up vocals, back your shit up, beck, bert when he's clean, black pants, blaring the misfits, blue and yellow, bob's solo project, capital h, caricature of intimacy, catchy music, cats that poke, cheese shop, chicago, chicago university, cliche wasted, co bigelow, crazy dreams, crazy grandmothers, creative drama, creepy roleplays, dance class, dance competition, dance solos, dancefloor throwdowns, dancing, dark corners, desi's place of work, drinking blood, eastbound planes, eight people named jake, evil doctor rocket science, fake emo days, formaldehyde, free music, fuckyes, fuzzy pretties, garage bands, gertrude hawk, get fuzzy, ghetto hair-braiding, giant lampshades, girly days, grandma's house, graph paper, green eyes, grenadine, guitars, hands are shaking cold, hate taste tested, haunting smiles, haven't you heard?, headdesk, helena solos, hey taste test, hey wait/big smile, honda, i'm a loser baby, imagining conversations with people, individualism, inside jokes, jacob racquethands, jagged nails, james madison university, jephs boots, jim the mailman, john freida ♥, johnsonville sluggers, lalalalala loveyouloveyou, lemon body lotion, lightbulb mates, lunch with ghandi, manicures, math equators, mechanics, messy hair, mikey being useless, mini pizzas, mistah beckahtt, mockk trendd whoringg, mocktails, monty python movies, monty spam!, mr. kipling, mr. tatyo, my responsibility baby, never coming home, never ever told me, never gonna scar me, never looking better, not having a cold, old school ljs, pampanga, paper shredders, photographs we never took, pimp sticks, pinstripes woah, pretty lyrics, rainy promenade, science news, shaking hands, sheldon institute, shimmy shimmy quarter turn, shotgun weddings, should i, should've done something, snakes on a plane, so kiss me goodbye!, soap toast, soy un perdedor, sparkleton, spazzy kitties, spontaneous swing dancing, squashing mean rumors, stars above eyes, stealing kisses, stop swimming!, studio c dance academy, talking to myself, tap withdrawl, teletaps, the academy is..., the last good thing, the word "enigmatic", too busy getting down, too dilated to see, vampire fixations, wasting time with you, we deal we deal, what sound yellow makes, white barn wallflowers, william beckett, yo cut it