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andrew + headphones = otp!

Friends only!

This journal is friends only!

Comment to request friending.

Nope, I'm sorry, I DON'T add everyone. I do talk about my personal life here. I'm underage. You do the math.

Honestly, I'm not especially interesting.

If I don't want to add you, I won't reply. I hate turning people down.

However, if you feel so compelled to have me as a friend, go ahead and add. If I think we can be friends, or I'm just interested in you, I'll add you back.

If you're one of the lucky ones, for the love of Capezio, comment. At least every once in a while. Plzthx? I'd like almost anything you have to say, really. If you can't think of anything to say about SOMETHING every six months, then what's the point? We obviously have nothing in common.

Of course, I'll comment every once in a while, as well. It's only fair.

I do indeed do some angsting in here, kiddos. I'm young and homeschooled. There are more opportunities for emoing than you may think. (Although I do try to keep it to a minimum.)

Memes are rare and usually text-only, but every once in a while a batch of HTML memes will pop up under a cut. Of course, long rants and the occasional writing peice will go behind cuts as well.

I am not a graphic artist. I cannot do layouts or icons for shit. I run on Apple, people. Apple's built-in applications are horrible for graphics making, and I'm too poor to afford to buy pretty much any Adobe product. So all icons will be credited in keywords, and all layout info will be placed in this entry.

That being said, if you're still around, feel free to do the commenting and the adding if you so wish. Just be gentle, please. ♥

Layout info, 2/7/06-08/16/06: Most text from Jack's Mannequin, taken from the song "Dark Blue." The picture I honestly forgot where I got it from, but I got to it via Google. It's totally not mine. All I know is that I cropped it a little. (And yes, I know it repeats. It's old-school and kinda ugly, yo. I meant for it to be that way.)

08/16/06: Text from "Capital H" by Motion City Soundtrack. Colors are the default 'Folio,' which is nice and emo. XD Hahaha.


just thought i'd drop a line and say hello!
SHES LYING PEOPLE! about EVERYTHING! She is interesting and her life isn't mundane. shes actually a crack whore living on the south side of vietnam who likes to call herself TEKKITANKA. In her spare time she enjoys taking milk baths and making *dramatic chord* GRAPHIC DESIGNS >:O what a whore. we should rebel and eat her soul because unlike some people in this room SHE HAS ONE!

hahahaha oh as the hilarity ensues

I love you Stacey don't smite me ;] WTF MELINDA SMILE
Everyone please ignore her. She's just my bitch. I have no idea how she got out of her cage. But she doesn't bite when we're not having sex.