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andrew + headphones = otp!

Concert 11/17, Panic! At the Disco/Jack's Mannequin/Plain White T's!

So, Dez comes around at like— 5:30. Poor girl got stuck in traffic. So once she got here, we headed out to RIT. After lots of confusion over getting there, we managed to arrive around 7:15. We didn't get in until 7:20 or 7:25. We almost got into an accident. x_X The car in front of his ran into the back of the car in front of that, so Dez slams on the brakes and we stopped not even three feet from their bumper. Jesus. But no one was hurt. We stayed for a minute to make sure they were all right, then the guy waved us off and we continued on.

But once we got there, PWTs were on, we only got to see the last three songs— see above. I didn't wanna try getting pictures. Blah. But we were on the left side of the stage, about thirty feet or so back. So I didn't have a lot of visibility anyways. They would've been crappy pictures, hah. But yeah, PWTs sound AMAZING live. I wish we got there sooner. They sounded exactly like they do on the CD. Go see them. I command you.

So after that, it took— I dunno, twenty minutes to get JM set up. Andrew was wearing a red shirt with text on his lower left abdomen. Hah. And he hadn't shaved in a while, he was sportin' some pretty good growth. Something was wrong with the mic, though. His voice was really nasally, and pretty high and tinny. And it's not just him, because Brendon had the same problem for the first half of the set. But yeah, they were pretty damn good. Andrew was so freakin' into it, it was incredible to watch. It was definitely like he wasn't holding any shit back, yo.

So then the Panic! guys went on. It took about half an hour to get them set up, and then the crowd went fucking NUTS when the lights dimmed. The opened withhh... I can't remember. God, my memory sucks on useful things. But they played the entire CD, and they covered Eleanor Rigby and Killer Queen. Hardly anyone sung along with KQ, it sucked. I did. Sung every fuckin' word. Eeee.

And then below is a couple exerpts from Brendon, with my own little commentary thrown in. They didn't really do a whole lot of between-song babble, not like how Gerard and Adam do.

SHIT, Spencer— Spencer was motherfucking amazing. sdfkjfdjdf. He did these little solos, beating the shit out of his drums, I was in awe. Jesus. I love watching drummers. And everyone has to watch him, because if you're behind a really tall person, Spencer was elevated some eleven feet or so, so you could see him at any angle.

The crowds were actually pretty nice, with a couple of exceptions. -_- I got shoved only twice, and one time it was into a hot guy, so that was okay. Guh. Listen, if you're gonna try and go deeper into the crowd, please, try not to be an asshole about it. Kay? At least try and say "excuse me" and "sorry." The girl that was jumping in front of me as I jumped accidentally knocked her elbow into my arm, she actually turned around and said "sorry." We need more people like that in crowds, seriously.

Mmm... god. There's more I can't really remember. Just little things. We were on the left side of the stage, which was good. The middle-right was were all the pit and crowd surfing was going on. Hah.

Okay. So. I think that's it! =D

Quotes from Brendon:
"I wonder, ladies and gentlemen, if you have ever had this dream, or is it only me? Picture yourself, running through a field of grass and flowers. The sun is shining brightly, the sunflowers are tilted toward the sun, the birds are singing. And you're running toward your lover— saunters toward Ryan —as they run toward you. You finally draw them up in your arms, and you lean in for a kiss! leans in. Crowd cheers. Ryan has a shocked expression on his face, like 'O noz Brendon! plz dun kiss me, throw me down & shag me be gentle!' Brendon shuts his mouth and turns back away. Ryan looks disappointed; he bows his head and seeks solace with his guitar, heading back to his mic to go and wallow in self-pity. Because at this rate, Ryan is doomed to his guitar forever. But no. Because, you see, dear audience, this isn't a sweet, sweet kiss. This. Is. Hard. Ruthless. Fucking."
Start Lying is the Most Fun.

"But getting back to that dream. Where we last left off, we had just finished fucking. But now, in this part of the dream, the sky suddenly turns black! The sunflowers wilt, the pansies turn their heads away, the birds fall silent! This sounds a lot like... marriage." Ryan has a sour look on his face. You can so tell he's thinking, "Yeah, go on, keep teasing me." Brendon launches into I Write Sins.

Sets, in no particular order. I don't know what order they played them in, sooo yeah.

-Revenge (or) What More Do You Want (I can't remember)
-Another song I can't remember

-The Mixed Tape
-Lonely for Her
-La La Lie
-Kill the Messenger
-I'm Ready
-Dark Blue

-Entire CD except for Introduction, I think. Brendon played Intermission before they took a quick little break. During the break, they played this old video thingy of circus freaks. Hah.
-Eleanor Rigby cover
-Drumline! (Three dancers doing cymbals, Spencer and Brendon each doing a snare, Jon with the tenor, Ryan with the big ass heavy drum that goes around the front--bass, I think-- and various other people doing some other things)
-Brendon was totally trying to give Ryan a blowjob. It was marvelous.
-Killer Queen