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MCR with the tractor thing

The concert.

SO. Dez came over arooooounnnddd 3:00, and then we left. We got there pretty easily, but we got stuck in traffic at the fair for over a half hour. After we parked, we went in and we didn't do anything. XD We literally walked around, looking at cute guys. I got a sign that says "Corvette pl." She got "Tequila Shots." Teehee. =) So, after dropping out shit back off at the car, we went to LE CONCERT.

We followed these two people there; some cute guy with a TBS hoodie, and his girlfriend. Meh. Well, we got in, sat down, and just sat for a bit. THEN some lovely, lovely people came and switched tickets with us! =) We went from Section D, Track Seating, Row 17, seats 1&2; to Section C, Track Seating, Row 6, seats 1&2.

So THEN. The concert started. The Honorary Title played for less than a half hour. They were pretty good. There's this new song they have called "City Summer" or something like that, and they played it and it was gorgeous. I got a couple pictures. The lead singer made a few kissy noises into the mic. It was ADORABLE. Ahhh. Then Circa Survive played, and that was good, too. I got a ton of pictures of that cute bassist. Hah. Nothing much to say there. THEN. TBS WENT ON.

I don't remember the way the set went. -_- I know what ones they played, only I dunno what order. The only ones I know for sure are marked with an asterisk.

What's it Feel Like to be a Ghost*
Set Phasers to Stun
Bonus Mosh pt. II
The Union
My Blue Heaven
Timberwolves at New Jersey
Liar (It Takes One to Know One)
Cute Without the E (Cut from the Team)
There's No I in Team
You're so Last Summer
Mystery song? (part of the encore set)
This Photograph is Proof (I Know You Know) [first set finale]*
A Decade Under the Influence (encore finale)*


Me and Dez got looked at by Jarrod Gorbel (Honorary Title singer) and Adam Lazzara. Adam looked at us a BUNCH of times... it was AMAZING. Me and him sung one of the "I know you know" lines to each other. It was AMAZING. And Adam's such a cutie. His hair's all in his face, he was sweating, his eyes were all big 'n' brown. I can't remember which lines we sang and when he looked at us, but he was so cuuute. It was once sometime during Timberwolves @ NJ, My Blue Heaven, and MakeDamnSure, aside from This Photograph. But, god, it was AMAZING.

Matt was introduced as the Tallest Member of Taking Back Sunday, and the designated driver. Not because they drank a lot, but because they don't really like driving.

Eddie flung his water bottle around at the audience. Me and Dez got wet.

Someone blew up a latex glove during the encore and threw it around until it got onstage. o_O Eddie tried to kick it away, but it just went nearer the center. So once the song was over, Matt went and picked it up. He sorta raised his eyebrows at it and popped it back into the crowd. Some girl caught it, and Adam (to Matt) goes, "You blow that up yourself?"

Adam repeatedly did rom de jambs. He got it from Justin Timberlake, and I'm gonna download SexyBack because he likes it. God, I'm such a fangirl. And he like-- swung the mic around his neck, and he tossed it up in the air, did cool stuff with it basically. It was great, how he was just playing with it. And he just ran around onstage a lot, it was so cute. He danced a bit. ALSO. I did this little swivelly thing with my hips, and it was only AFTER I did that that he did it a few times, too. And he also did this heel-dropping thing after I did. Gooood, I'm a little trendsetter. =)

Between-song babble:

Adam thanked the parents and stuff. He was like, "So, ladies and gentlemen, I see a lot of parents in the crowd, probably hating life right about now. So I just wanna tell all the parents thank you for bringing your kids to see us. So all you kids, turn to your parents and give them a high-five! (pauses to let them do this. Me and Dez do it, of course. long story.) I know that me and my dad, we weren't close, so he never really took me to concerts or anything. But after I moved up to New York (pause for cheers) we slowly grew closer and closer. So my dad, he gets this license plate for his car-- it's a Nissan Altima-- um, a white car at any rate-- and it says 'TBSROCKS.' My dad lives in North Carolina, so when I'm down there, I gotta get around, so I use his car. It's the most embarrassing thing every time I drive it. But that's what my dad's there for, to embarrass the shit out of me." Yes, some of that might be wrong, don't quote me. >.<

We have a huge ceramic-and-blow-up dinosaur right outside the grandstand. You can go in it and all that. So Adam goes, "Hey guys, that dinosaur. You can go in that, right?" Audience cheers for yes. "Awesome! What's inside? Like, guts and stuff?" Audience cheers for yes. "OH MY FUCKING GOSH. You guys all meet us out there after this!" He loved it. Ahhh.

Adam told us that Bob says he's sorry that he couldn't make it, and that he was sure we're all very good-looking. =) Adam says, "I'll be happy to report to him that he was correct on both counts; you all had a good time and were all very good looking. Except for this guy in the beard right here. Haha, kidding... (cheers, laughter)"

"So, hi, Syracuse. You know, last night, we were in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Yanno, I think I like this fair better than that one. You have good cows. Anyone see the cow judging contest? Yeaaah. Fuck yeah. That's what I'm talking about. And you guys have more FUNNEL CAKE. (cheers!) And you know what else you guys have? Fried dough. And like, a helicopter, too! Who went on the helicopter? (scattered cheers) ...haha, this guy's just like, 'YEAH, man!'... so anyway, yeah, I was gonna go, but it cost like, $30, and I can get a lot more funnel cake for that money. (laughter) Yeah, you gotta get your priorities straight, man!"

"Yeah, so, my dad and I, we're close. Just last night, I called him up at 2 in the morning. And it's funny because when I call him really late, or really early, he always tries and make it seem like he wasn't sleeping. So I did that last night, and I'm whispering like, 'Dad, dad, dad, shh shh shh.' So he goes, 'Hi, Adam, what's wrong?' all sleepy-like, yanno? So I go, 'shh, shh, shhhh... dad. Dad, are you awake?' and he's fully awake now, you know? 'Cause he's like, starting to freak out, he thinks something's wrong, so he goes, 'yeah, yeah, Adam, I'm awake, what's wrong? Is something wrong?' And I go, 'yeah... yeah, dad... I just wanted to tell you... I think you're really cool.' And then I hung up."

They went to Denny's. Mark got pancakes. =) Adam's like, "Yeah, I don't know where I was going with that."

"Haha... so... did you all like that little spinny move thing I've been working on? Yeah? I got it from Justin Timberlake. Who's heard that new song, SexyBack? (cheers) Yeah, man. I love that song. It's got the best chorus ever, it's just pretty much... 'Damn, girl!' Haha... it's ridiculous. I love it. It makes me wanna dance." I swear to god, he was going ":D" when he was saying that.

Oh god. I can't think of anything elllllse. Oh, I used up both my disposible cameras. That's 27+27=54 concert pictures. I used one for the two opening acts, then I used the entire last one on TBS. I used it all up three songs in. HAH. I'm cool. We're hopefully gonna get 'em developed tomorrowwww. And put them on the internet! Eeeee!

Also? Adam has a pretty high voice. It's so cute. It's not as deep as it is on the records. He's kinda squeaky. Not as high as the lead singer of Circa Survive, but it's still kinda high and so cute. It's higher than William Beckett's voice when he says, 'Haha... this song is called The Fever,' in the track The Fever.

God. I'm too excited to type much more. Night. If you read all that, oh god, I love you.

Look for an edit later on with picturrrreeees.

EDIT: Pictures may be found on my Photobucket. The link can be found on the column to your right, under the "links" section as you might expect. No, they did not come out too great. But lookit how close we were! Eee. The set I have for the supporting acts are still at Walmart. O_o Awk. Ah, well. Everyone enjoy the pictures.

EDIT NUMBER TWO: Supporting acts pictures are up.